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Medical Tourism Lite

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Krystina Marie Price
Publisher/Baby Boomer/Journalist

The benefits of Medical Tourism and affordable offshore health and dental options have been available to me since 2006 when (after a facelift) I crossed paths with Cal/Gal/Pal, Toni Andrews, in Bangkok.

Toni Andrews in Africa - in case you're wondering, was originally inspired by Toni Andrews.

Toni loves to travel, takes amazing photos and started keeping in touch from the road long before the internet became a reality by sending out Holiday Newsletters and photos from The Broads Abroad.

We met years ago in Santa Barbara, but in 2006, we hooked up when I innocently sent an email from Bangkok.

Toni's response was that she'd be at my hotel for dinner and there she was! working her way home from Bali, while I was recovering from cosmetic surgery.

Toni had a health plan with high deductibles, so it made sense for her to stop in Bangkok for a physical, (including a colonoscopy) which is another story altogether... I got the message. Toni found a brilliant way to make her health care plan with its high deductibles work for her.

Since then, I've been traveling to Europe, Thailand, Turkey, Cuba, Tijuana and surprisingly, Malaysia for healthcare conferences, but Bangkok stays at the top of my list for wellness. I've visited almost yearly since then, often as a guest of Thai Tourism, covering the latest in Medical anti-aging and dental starting with

Yanhee International Hospital - Doctors practicing 24/7 - all in one place.

Executive Physicals beyond what’s available in the U.S., at very modest prices.  Second opinion? Melanoma check? The Dermatology Department can help with fading age spots, as well as removing skin tags and checking moles on your body.

Through trial and error, I've learned to trust Yanhee for affordable check-ups, holistic detox, beautification, and especially dental. 52 dentists on the dental floor! That's up from 40 on the last visit when they were expanding their International wing.

A face-lift or tummy tuck is easy fixin’ for both male and female alike.

Yanhee is #3 in the world for transgender surgery. By the way, if you're a diver, you should know Yanhee has the most hyperbaric chambers in all of Asia.

It seemed like a natural progression to become an Official US Representative at Yanhee International Hospital.

I'm here to help you, in real U.S. time, to answer any questions, coordinate your trip to Thailand and set-up your Yanhee appointment.

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