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Some people I know recently went to TJ, to see Dr. Carolina and TJ Smile. The procedure went very well, which was a relief to me as well as the patient, as I’ve only heard positive feedback about Dr. Carolina. However, as the border crossing area was still under construction, the entrance that Dr. Kim…
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Daylight in Tijuana, Mexico The breakfast buffet was delish! A well-maintained tennis court awaits you. There’s a sparkling Jacuzzi with a view of Tijuana streets and business below and a beautiful pool area, that looks up at the mountains. When you want more than just relaxing in the jacuzzi, there’s weights and up-to-date workout machines…
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It was a long Memorial Day weekend. Dental finished. Rather than catch a cab, just to queue-up with the crowd at the Tijuana border crossing, we decided to relax.  We walked the neighborhood, enjoyed a tasty, homemade Mexican meal at a local eatery and stayed the night at the Grand Hotel.
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Trip Postponed …

Although the Volvo was ready and waiting to take the trip to Tijuana, due to the latest WTO warnings, the trip has been delayed for a month, until everyone feels a bit more comfortable. I was given the heads up a few days before the news hit the air, in a newsletter: As I…
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Highest recommendations for American Bio Dental, at the Grand Hotel, Tijuana, MX

American Bio Dental Center is the only clinic in Mexico certified to provide 100% of the “Huggins Protocol” for Dental revision and detoxification. The clinic received it’s training personally, from Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, who is noted for pioneering the field of Holistic or Biological Dentistry with his outspoken insights on the hazards of mercury…
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September 26, 2016
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