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There’s plenty to think about when you’re traveling to another country – including your wellbeing.

My passion is to inform America's traveling population about safe and affordable health care available in Europe and Asia.

I travel the world with healthcare in mind; constantly researching the best medical and wellness solutions, hoping to ensure you travel is successful, while easing some of the frets you may have on the road about, “Heaven forbid something should happen."

During the early days of the Obama Administration, I spent days on Santa Monica’s Promenade, just signing-up people to vote, no matter the party.

When I joined other supporters of Obamacare, I listened to hair-raising stories about healthcare denied in the most desperate circumstances.

Baby Boomers in their 70s fuss about the high cost of travel insurance. Did you know that insurers won't even accept people after a certain age?

Rest assured that what awaits you is some of the best healthcare and dental in the world, in Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey.

Krystina Marie Price
Krystina Marie Price

Songkran in Chiang Mai

A few years ago, during a recent Medical Tourism FAM trip to Thailand, courtesy of Thai Tourism, I re-visited one of my favorites cities, Chiang Mai. Chang Mai is hands down, one of the best places to enjoy Songkran, a three to a five-day celebration of the Buddhist New Year. What started as a sprinkle of…
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Lost in LA. Found in Japan.

Mon Cher, Japon More than a year ago, found Yuichi and Bita at a Meet-Up in Westwood; promising a lesson on how to live a life of joy and happiness. At the time, I was angry and singing the blues. Since then, these lovely, dedicated, teachers of Buddhism have become my dear friends;  sharing insights…
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Wellness Holiday in Thailand

It’s worth penny-pinching most of the time, to enjoy travel and some of life’s luxuries, like the time I spend getting daily massages in Thailand. In Thailand, I can afford to stay in wonderful hotels, ( In Bangkok, I’m especially fond of the rooftop pool and the views at the Park Plazas in Sukhumvit (tourist area). Daily breakfast buffets…
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In Turkey, on the Mediterranean Coast, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea, and Istanbul’s Golden Horn and Bosphorus-are all connecting water routes leading to the markets on the ancient Silk and Spice Trails. Today, Turkey’s roads and infrastructure are A+ and their international waterways ways, are more than ever, a steady…
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Turkey – Much More Then Expected (Pt.3)

A shifting wind altered my route from Ankara to Izmir, on the Turkish Coast… Instead, Ahmet Ozer Basoglan, the charming owner of the Umut Thermal Spa & Hotel in Denizli, invited me inland for a few days of – “Soaking With The Natives”. Here’s a decent YouTube slide-show of the place. Enjoy, but don’t forget…
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Turkey – Much More Than Expected (Pt.2) Life in Istanbul

The first few days and nights before the Convention were mine to enjoy. The sites and sounds of three different neighborhoods in Istanbul added a variety of flavors to my time in old Constantinople. A nondescript, local BnB in a residential neighborhood of touristy Sultanahmet provided a good night’s sleep…and a choice of three single…
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Turkey – Much More Than Expected. (Pt.1) Med-Tourism Convention & 1st Class Hospitals in Istanbul and Ankara

May became June, and instead of Havana, I was on my way to Istanbul. I had no expectations. It didn’t matter if the custom was to pick-up 1st-timers at the airport with a donkey and cart, as long as I got to my destination. I was surprised to find a man holding a sign with…
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Holistic Dental and Medical in Tijuana

My days begin imagining that I’ll be sitting down to the enjoyment of the continuing story of “Bathing with the Natives” starting with Iceland. Actuality, my visits to Bath, England over the years is where I germinated the idea about “Wellness Along the Roman Trail”. Last year’s visit to Tenby, England, a charming, up-scale, coastal…
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This page is under construction!

This page is under construction! (While I complete my own story about Ayerveda, at the Mines Wellness Hotel, on an expansive property that was once once one of the world’s largest tin mine. It’s in the outskirts of KL, so it’s best to take taxis to get around, but they’re relatively inexpensive. Another story will…
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Bathing with the natives…

Just returned from a week in delightful, little Iceland, where I am happy to report, I soaked with the locals on a daily basis. One can’t help but notice being surrounded by beautiful people, in spirit, as well as in person. But, that’s a “Wellness” story, I’m saving for the re-design of Meantime, this…
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How Dentists Rip Us Off

Happy New Year! Come on in 2014! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2013 posed many challenges. Fortunately, I was able to fly away a few times. Amsterdam in June. It was my first time, so I planned just a taste,a few nights in garden view room in a Dutch house on the…
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